The policy of Education in Presentation Schools is based on the life of love and mercy of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Gospel. It is inspired by the courage and faith of Nano Nagle, the founder of the congregation. Our concern is for all God's people within the local community where the school is situated and children of all creeds and castes but especially for those of the Christian faith and the underprivileged. Education also includes the development of knowledge and skill enabling a person to be a loyal citizen, peaceful and just in this world.

The Presentation School - It is a centre of formation

Vision Statement

  • Enabling each individual to become aware of the dignity and value of each person and the inter-dependence of the human race, to share the Christian vision of life with others.
  • Facilitating the growth of all sections of the school community.
  • Open especially, to the poor and disadvantaged and committed to combating injustice in society.
  • Providing its students with education for life and living.
School Motto   : For Faith & Morals
School Colour : Green & Gold

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