• Children should come in their proper uniform, on all working days inclusive of examination days and special classes
  • Plaited and folded hair is the norm of the school
  • Long and painted nails is prohibited
  • Fashionable hair cuts on the forehead are to be strictly avoided
  • Students should fulfil the required minimum attendance in order to be eligible for the promotion exams
  • Children are expected to converse only in English in school
  • Jewellery of any kind is non-permissible. However small ear studs may be worn. But dangling ear rings, finger rings, chains, bracelets and fashionable watches are strictly forbidden. Parents are requested to check the same in order to ensure safety and uniformity among students
  • Misbehaviour, irregularity in attendance, neglect in school work or misconduct of any kind within or outside the school campus, can lead to removal of pupils name from the School Rolls
  • Parents are earnestly requested to see that.
    • Their children are punctual to school
    • Their children are not absent from school expect for grave reasons.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing punctuality, discipline and by taking interest daily in their children's progress. They should check their dairy for remarks and note the homework set
  • All correspondence should be addressed to the Principal. Parents who seek information or who wish to discuss their children's progress or happiness in the school should go through the Principal only

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