The Management of St. Ursula’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary school comprising of efficient and empathetic individuals goes beyond normal expectations , to reach out to the needy and to empower those made weak by the society.

The band wagon steered on by the efficient Principal, supported by the strong Correspondent and along with the teachers, the stewards ever ready to serve, our children, make it a haven in the society . The nightmares that the society poses get marred by the inculcation of values by which our young girls stand tall, ready to face the storms of life. They go out as beacons, to light up the dark corners of their neighbourhood.

Assemblies are conducted by the Headmistress, classes, teachers and individual students every morning. The afternoon prayer the 'Memorare' is said by Mrs. Premila Fernando over the intercom. All members of the Ursuline family who are in need of prayer are specially remembered at this time. A special mention is made of those who are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

A statue of Mother Mary stands in the centre of the school ground and Devotion to Mother Mary in seeking her intercession is instilled in the students.

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