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History of St. Ursula´s

The first Presentation Sisters arrived in Madras on the 13th January 1842 and started their work for the Lord in this land.

The sister's first foundation was at George Town educating both Indians and European girls. This foundation was established by the widow of an English Officer, Colonel Smith. After the death of her husband this lady led a very pious life looking after orphans of Catholic Soldiers. In 1810 Mrs. Smith started a regular school for the orphans, this school was none other than St. Ursula's which was formerly known as St. Mary's Orphanage School, George Town.


Dear Parents, Staff and Students,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As we begin this new academic year, I extend my warmest greetings to all my students. Each year brings with it endless opportunities, challenges and growth. Education is a life-long journey that opens doors to endless possibilities. So embrace the joy of learning and focus on your studies with dedication and curiosity.

Always remember that you are endowed with unique talents and strengths. Together we can create an environment that fosters respect, empathy and inclusivity. Always strive for excellence, and on your journey towards achieving it remember that mistakes are an integral part of learning and growing. Embrace them as opportunities for improvement and growth.


News & Events

Class Excursions - Stds. I to IX

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Staff Excursion to GRAMMATHIL ORU NAAL

Let the good times roll ! The staff set out to looking forward to a great day at a village like set up in Acharapakkam- Grammathil Oru Naal. The day began with a quick visit to The Mazhai Malai Ma...

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