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History of St. Ursula´s

The first Presentation Sisters arrived in Madras on the 13th January 1842 and started their work for the Lord in this land.

The sister's first foundation was at George Town educating both Indians and European girls. This foundation was established by the widow of an English Officer, Colonel Smith. After the death of her husband this lady led a very pious life looking after orphans of Catholic Soldiers. In 1810 Mrs. Smith started a regular school for the orphans, this school was none other than St. Ursula's which was formerly known as St. Mary's Orphanage School, George Town.


Dear Parents, Staff and Students,

I am grateful to God and to each one of you for the blessings of the academic year 2018-2019. As we move into another year of hope and promise, I would like to remind you that the whole purpose of education is to discover our true identity and to let our inner light shine in the darkness.

You may have heard of the story of a Native American boy who found an eagle’s egg and hatched it with chicken eggs at home. When the baby eagle came out of the shell, it grew up with baby chickens.


News & Events

Every new day spells promise

On Wednesday, 26th February 2020 at the meet of all Principals and Heads of Institutions headed by the Chief Educational Officer, Dr. A. Anitha and Director of School Education Dr. S. Kannappan,...

With my whole Heart I give thanks to Thee

The 7th February, 2020 dawned laden with ‘gratitude’ looming large in the air. The Eucharistic celebration bore the Ursuline style of worshipping and thanking God for enabling them sail throug...

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